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Help with us

Thank you for your interest and support of activities of Czech Antarctic Foundation whose purpose is to support scientific research activities especially through researching polar regions, that is, Antarctic and Arctic. Let us provide you the opportunity of co-operation.


Individual donation:

The most widespread form of direct help is a financial donation. Thanks to it a foundation can fulfil its mission - to help. Donation can be accomplished once or frequently. It is also possible to set the manner of frequent support - to set the amount of (e.g. monthly) contribution.

Each single or frequent donor is always entitled to record of the donation. We will be happy to draw this document once the amount in question is transferred to foundations account and the donor provides basic information for the drawing.

Corporate donation:

In case of corporate donation, the Czech Antarctic Foundation attempts to take up an honest and open discussion with the donor about intentions of the support, setting possibilities - how to use the donated means effectively and transparently.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or interest in further details:
+420 734 317 506
+420 702 196 194
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