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How do we help

In the Czech Republic, the origin of foundation world has become a special phenomena after 1989 when number of significant foundations were created. We can presume that people creating this world wanted to establish a new social platform that would be, in some sense, independent on the problems of political and economic development of our society.

Common denominator of all the foundation programs and activities is an important inventive idea - attempting society development and search for its spiritual values.

Thus the mission of foundations and endowment funds is to create a dialogic society that would attempt reflexion of our contemporary social problems and meanwhile look for new visions and mutual way to the future.

Nowadays, foundations and endowment funds are an important part of our society, they have very strong and stable position in it.

Czech Antarctic Foundation was created in 2014 with the purpose of supporting scientific research activities especially in the area of researching polar regions, that is, Antarctic and Arctic.

We help supporting Czech polar science. Since 2005, the Czech Republic has been an upright member of Committee for Environmental Protection. In 2013, the Czech Republic became a member of Committee of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes and was also accepted as a full member with the right to vote. Since 2014, the Czech Republic has been a member of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

We are trying to retrieve partners and donors for scientific research in extremely difficult conditions of the Antarctic. We are looking for favourers that would be able to support such challenging and important projects not only financially but also by providing actual objects or services that relate to support of Antarctic research.

We are offering co-operation in the area of sponsorship and promotion of social values and virtues such as honour, co-operation, assistance, co-responsibility. Donation in both a person´s life and society represents meaningful action towards done good being perceived by society as a valued virtue. We are honoured to be able to fulfil and realise these projects relating to support of Czech polar science and spreading the goodwill of the Czech Republic.